Hometown: Blueberrybay

Personality: Passionate and curious about anything Lalla has a hot temper, she can easily get excited but also can easily lose her patience if things don’t go the way she wants.

Lalla is very ambitious, she wants to know everything, she wants to be everywhere, she wants to do something that matters.

OCCUPATION: She is the lead guitarist and founder of the Indie-funky band Blue Division, produced by the internationally awarded music producer Guilner. Lalla works freelance for a magazine as movie critic, she receives good marks for her movie reviews, reviewed by the movie review reviewers. Lalla is also the creator of an amazing comic strip that does not tell stories but fragments of life; Lalla believes that those little moments, are the most beautiful. She works really hard on her comic strips, and she hopes to see them published one day.

Her friends suggest she should look for a proper job but Lalla doesn’t care what people say, she keeps working on her comic strips, she believes in them. They are comic strips of faith and devotion.

LIKES: Fanatic about music and movies, she grew up listening to bands with her walk-man and watching movies. Emotionally attached to the pre-grunge, grunge and post-grunge era, Lalla developed a feeling of love towards Vintage becoming known as Vintage specialist. She also likes medals but she hasn’t got any.

DISLIKES: Mainstream, facebook, expensive shops, boy-bands, romantic comedies, predictable screenplays, bad narrative, unnecessary information, repetitions, wrong formats of all kinds, cliche’.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Lalla is a rag doll home-made from spare scraps of material, she’s got an eye patch on her left eye. She also has a special gadget, a red vintage telephone that allows her to contact anybody, including the Smurfs, the Smiths and Henry VIII.

SPECIAL EVENT: She occasionally runs movie critic workshops where the audience is provided with special remotes that can stop the movie at any point and allow to make live comments while watching the movie. The vision of the movie is constantly interrupted but it is worth bearing the discomfort as you leave the screening room with no questions about the movie whatsoever. These workshop garnered a cult of followers among the movie critics subculture, to an extend that the events were often referred to as urban legends.

AMBITIONS: Play with Rage Against the Machine or at least have a drink with them.