Joseph Baltimore


Hometown: Blueberrybay

Personality: Shy and insecure Joseph Baltimore never knows exactly what to say because what he says might be wrong. He is very generous and helps everybody, even the snails  crossing the street. He has a noble soul, for ethical reasons he is vegan, he does not eat people because people are nice so it’s not nice to kill them and eat them. Especially it’s not nice to kill them because this is very painful. Joseph Baltimore is gullible and superstitious, he believes Marilyn Manson is evil and if you listen to him he will turn you into a spider or a snake. He also believes that if you find a coin on the street you must pick it up otherwise you die.  Joseph Baltimore is emotional and can easily cry, he feels too much, this is his problem. He falls in love on a regular basis but it always ends up in tears, he is too much and he does not realize it. He sometimes feels like a king for a day ad and a fool for a lifetime.

OCCUPATION: He is the the drummer of the Indie-funky band Blue Division, produced by the internationally awarded music producer Guilner. Joseph Baltimore also works as librarian in an old library where books are full of dust and some of them are deteriorating to an extreme that if you open one they break into very small pieces. Some of them also have bugs inside them.

LIKES: Joseph Baltimore likes the simple things in life, the trees, the birds, the clouds. He also likes Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna, he thinks there is a certain rhythm  in them. He loves their synchronised movements when they sing, he tries to copy them but he is not able to follow the steps correctly, he is not coordinated and totally out of tempo.

DISLIKES: Violence, guns, risks, Satan.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Joseph Baltimore is a Tyrannosaurus Rex or simply a T-Rex.  He is very tall because he is a dinosaur.

SPECIAL EVENT: Once he saw a coin on the street but he could not pick it up because he had back pain so he asked a guy passing by to pick it up for him. The guy picked up the coin but he kept it for himself and left.

AMBITIONS: Dance like Prince