HOMETOWN: Blueberrybay

PERSONALITY: Cool and self-controlled, Guilner is a guy of few words, he doesn’t talk much unless it is extremely necessary or it has an historical or scientific relevance.

OCCUPATION: Internationally awarded music producer and DJ, Guilner is now focusing on Blue Division, an indie-funky band where he plays the keytar and mixes the whole thing.

LIKES: Guilner is always updated with the latest trends like how to wear a hat and what t-shirt to buy. He’s got a futuristic inclination, being fond of the solar system he loves keeping an eye on the planets and the stars using his telescope. His favorite planet is Saturn and his moons. He is also interested in history, particularly in Greek mythology and the Romans.

DISLIKES: He has developed an intense feeling of dislike for the Second World War, he does not want to hear about the event anymore. He also does not seem to appreciate Napoleon and the emperor Constantine.

SPECIAL FEATURES: You can often find Guilner contemplating with his toothpick hanging out from his mouth; this is an unconscious desire of wanting to be Clint Eastwood. There is also a mystery about his hat, nobody knows what’s hidden inside. It could be either full of air or full of hair or neither of them. Another theory, called the Caterpillar Theory, suggests that a caterpillar is growing inside and one day a huge butterfly will come  out from his hat and it might as well save the world.


SPECIAL EVENT: Once, while observing the solar system with his telescope, he thought he had discovered a new planet but unfortunately it wasn’t a new planet, it was just a stain on the lenses.

AMBITIONS: Exterminate all the bedbugs in the world.