Anna Rosenkraz


HOMETOWN: Blueberrybay. Originally from Berlin.

PERSONALITY: Introvert and enigmatic, Anna has a very limited social life due to her low tolerance towards society and people in general.  However, she would say hello to you but that is already a big effort. She loves staying indoors, play her bass guitar, write, listen to music and watch movies.  People see her like a reclusive but she does not care, in fact she so doesn’t care that she would love to blow up the outside world so people would leave her alone.  For this reason she sometimes makes up sudden disappearances by leaving a message on her door saying: “Gone to Mexico, will never come back.” The truth is she is inside playing her bass guitar. This  is called “The Disassociate  Mexican Technique.” It works for a while but not much because the moment Anna Rosenkraz goes out to buy some crisps people see her and ask about  Mexico.

OCCUPATION: Anna is the bass guitarist of the Indie-funky band Blue Division, produced by the internationally awarded music producer Guilner.  Anna also works freelance as movie Editor.

LIKES: Surrealism, peanut butter, distorted sounds, Duff Mckagan, Led Zeppelin and rubber plants.

DISLIKES: Social events, formal behaviors, rules and people on time.

SPECIAL FEATURES: .Her star shaped hair clips are a high technology weapons of rubbish destruction; they produce a special laser that can silence your mouth if you talk too much. She believes that words are very unnecessary, meaningless and forgettable, they can only do harm. She enjoys the silence.

SPECIAL EVENT: Once she was invited to a wedding and she surprisingly made the effort to attend the event. However, her star shaped hair clips detected lots of rubbish in the air so she silenced everybody including the priest so the wedding could not take place.

AMBITIONS: A date with David Lynch to analyze all his movies in details.